Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ; Stolen Dreams

It wasn’t long ago that I can remember daydreaming as a kid – my imagination running wild, with my own creativity and thoughts that were unique to me.  Such is the case with Narnia: Prince Caspian.  I remember reading the book – and imagining this whole new world – a world in which only I knew.  My imagination created it – and it was mine for the taking.

That, I suppose is the problem with movies that were derived from books – your personal imagination need not apply – because someone has already done the daydreaming for you.  In my opinion, that’s a crime.  Too many children today are not actively imagining, daydreaming, because someone has imagined something for them to experience.  Tv shows and movies tend to allow you to be numb watching their programming.  Reading was always, from my experience, a very interactive task.  While reading – your mind was also “painting the picture”  to transform words on page into a tangible,  imagined picture.

Everyone’s imagination is different – No two people will come up with exactly the same thing.  And that’s what really makes it amazing – the uniqueness of yourself.  That should never be hidden – everyone should be free to be as creative as they want to be – to dream big dreams,  and have great visions.  In a sense, certain types of media, already aforementioned , have stolen dreams of those who will never think up something fresh and new – because someone has presented their imagination to them instead of their own.