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Finally got my CCNA

I’ve been involved with Cisco Kit for some time now, but now I finally got my CCNA last week.  My original mentality was one of irreverence towards the traditional learning path in general, inclusive of certifications.  But I got thinking, and came to this conclusion:  It’s good to have a baseline of  how the vendor, in this case, Cisco wants it done.

In the past, I’ve come up with what I call “Steve Jargon”.  Steve Jargon is explaining things in the way I know, but not in the official manner.  It’s worked quite well for me in the past; in fact, I believe it’s what allows me to quickly catch on to brand new content, with very little effort.  But, how do you quantify it to the scholarly community?  You can’t; in fact, you look “uneducated”.   What a shame; it’s exactly the opposite.  But to deal with the perception problem, achieving a “scholarly” equivalent, is in my opinion, worth it.  I never want to let someone have a foothold on my abilities, and I also want to be able to prove to any unknown Joe, that I know my stuff.

So, I’ll continue the scholarly path, for the following reasons:  The ability to provide correct jargon, and to make sure no one can have a scholarly argument.