The Oldest Domains Registered.

I recently posted on Twitter about the 44th anniversary of the first communication across “ARPANET”, which was a  link  in the chain of development that evolved into the internet as we know it today.

When I think ARPANET, my mind jumps to Bob Taylor, instrumental to it’s funding. Bob moved from ARPA onto Xerox, heading up their PARC research center for some time.

Jumping further still, I browsed through the Xerox timeline of  company history , and saw an interesting statistic I hadn’t seen before: xerox.com was the seventh domain registered with the DOD:


Thats quite a claim! So of course, I had to find another source to confirm it.  Wikipedia has a good article on it (source at end of post)

And there it is on wikipedia, Xerox at #7:

RankDate of registrationDomainRegistered to

Some other notables below. I find the table interesting in that, some sites have  the same rank number, presumably because they registered the same day!

Some of the first were expected; HP was #9; Intel #13.

I also found it humorous that IBM/Sun (now owned by Oracle) registered the same day; they tied for #11.

The oldest registered dot coms, below.

RankDate of registrationDomainRegistered to
0January 1, 1985comDARPA
1March 15, 1985symbolics.comSymbolics
2April 24, 1985bbn.comBBN Technologies
3May 24, 1985think.comThinking Machines
4July 11, 1985mcc.comMicroelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
5September 30, 1985dec.comDigital Equipment Corporation
6November 7, 1985northrop.comNorthrop Corporation
7January 9, 1986xerox.comXerox
8January 17, 1986sri.comSRI International
9March 3, 1986hp.comHewlett-Packard
10March 5, 1986bellcore.comBell Communications Research
11March 19, 1986ibm.comInternational Business Machines
11March 19, 1986sun.comSun Microsystems
13March 25, 1986intel.comIntel
13March 25, 1986ti.comTexas Instruments
15April 25, 1986att.comAT&T
16May 8, 1986gmr.comGeneral Motors Research Laboratories
16May 8, 1986tek.comTektronix
18July 10, 1986fmc.comFMC Corporation
18July 10, 1986ub.comUngermann-Bass
20August 5, 1986stargate.com
20August 5, 1986bell-atl.comBell Atlantic
20August 5, 1986ge.comGeneral Electric
20August 5, 1986grebyn.comGrebyn Corporation
20August 5, 1986isc.comInteractive Systems Corporation
20August 5, 1986nsc.comNational Semiconductor
26September 2, 1986boeing.comBoeing
27September 18, 1986itcorp.comInterrupt Technology Corporation
28September 29, 1986siemens.comSiemens AG
29October 18, 1986pyramid.comPyramid Technology
30October 27, 1986alphadc.comAlpha Communications Development Corporation
30October 27, 1986bdm.comBDM Corporation
30October 27, 1986fluke.comFluke Corporation
30October 27, 1986inmet.comIntermetrics
30October 27, 1986kesmai.comKesmai
30October 27, 1986mentor.comMentor Graphics
30October 27, 1986nec.comNEC Corporation
30October 27, 1986ray.comRaytheon
30October 27, 1986rosemount.comRosemount Inc.
30October 27, 1986vortex.comVortex Technology
40November 5, 1986alcoa.comAlcoa
40November 5, 1986gte.comGeneral Telephone and Electronics
42November 17, 1986adobe.comAdobe Systems
42November 17, 1986amd.comAdvanced Micro Devices
42November 17, 1986das.comDA Systems, Inc.
42November 17, 1986data-io.comData I/O Corporation
42November 17, 1986octopus.comOctopus Enterprises
42November 17, 1986portal.comPortal Communications Company
42November 17, 1986teltone.comTeltone Corporation
49December 11, 19863com.com3Com Corporation
49December 11, 1986amdahl.comAmdahl Corporation
49December 11, 1986tti.comCiticorp TTI
49December 11, 1986ci.comCognition, Inc.
49December 11, 1986ccur.comConcurrent Computer Corporation
49December 11, 1986convergent.comConvergent Technologies
49December 11, 1986dg.comData General
49December 11, 1986peregrine.comPeregrine Systems
49December 11, 1986quad.comQuadratron Systems Inc.
49December 11, 1986sq.comSoftQuad
49December 11, 1986tandy.comTandy Corporation
49December 11, 1986unisys.comUnisys
61January 19, 1987cgi.comCarnegie Group Inc.
61January 19, 1987cts.comCrash TimeSharing
61January 19, 1987spdcc.comS.P. Dyer Computer Consulting
64February 19, 1987apple.comApple Computer
65March 4, 1987nma.comNetwork Management Associates
65March 4, 1987prime.comPrime Computer
67April 4, 1987philips.comPhilips
68April 23, 1987datacube.comDatacube Inc.
68April 23, 1987kai.comKuck and Associates, Inc.
68April 23, 1987tic.comTexas Internet Consulting
68April 23, 1987vine.comVine Technology
72April 30, 1987ncr.comNCR Corporation
73May 14, 1987cisco.comCisco Systems
73May 14, 1987rdl.comResearch Development Laboratories
75May 20, 1987slb.comSchlumberger Limited
76May 27, 1987parcplace.comParcPlace Systems, Inc.
76May 27, 1987utc.comUnited Technologies Corporation
78June 26, 1987ide.comInteractive Development Environments
79July 9, 1987trw.comTRW
80July 13, 1987unipress.comUnipress Software
81July 27, 1987dupont.comDuPont
81July 27, 1987lockheed.comLockheed Corporation
83July 28, 1987rosetta.comRosetta Consulting
84August 18, 1987toad.comJohn Gilmore
85August 31, 1987quick.comQuicksilver Engineering
86September 3, 1987allied.comAlliedSignal
86September 3, 1987dsc.comDigital Sound Corporation
86September 3, 1987sco.comSanta Cruz Operation
89September 22, 1987gene.comGenentech
89September 22, 1987kccs.comKC Computer Sciences
89September 22, 1987spectra.comSpectragraphics Corporation
89September 22, 1987wlk.comW.L. Kennedy Jr. & Associates
93September 30, 1987mentat.comMentat Inc.
94October 14, 1987wyse.comWyse Technology
95November 2, 1987cfg.comCaine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
96November 9, 1987marble.com
97November 16, 1987cayman.comCayman Systems, Inc.
97November 16, 1987entity.comEntity Cyber, Inc.
99November 24, 1987ksr.comKendall Square Research
100November 30, 1987nynexst.comNYNEX Science & Technology