My thoughts on Love…

Such a complexity…. Love is never really unreciprocated, for if it is, in my opinion, it isn’t love. While this comparision does not work for everything (ie, If someone loves a shirt or something…. the shirt isn’t going to love you back, etc…) .

Additionally, if my original thought is true – my theory proves wrong – too many times have I “fallen in love” just to realize unreciprocation makes me feel like I never should have loved in the first place.

Love is a risky business – if it works out, than it was worth it. But if it doesn’t, you were better off not having it in the first place. But, I suppose, some could additionally think on another slant as well, such as the popular quote ” Better to have loved, than not at all.”

I say good riddens to it all. At the moment, I feel peace of mind is being happy with being with yourself. If you can’t do that from the start, then you have work to do!

So I’ll try the solitude approach – and see how far it’ll take me. (Hopefully nowhere near the Honeymooners quote, To the moon, Alice!)