No turning back… And your self worth….

I recently resigned at the company I’ve been working at since I’ve pretty much dropped out of college. Before them, I consulted, and did some side work, but never any full-time IT, such as the capacity that has been bestowed to me. The thing about change is, well, It’s scary…. When you hand in a resignation letter, you can’t just say “I’m joking” and withdraw the thing after you submit it – there is no turning back from that point.

I would call myself a glutten for no change…. When others or myself, in this case, make changes in my life, I often ‘second-guess’ myself, for no reason at all. All the cards at this point, have already been played. The game is on my side – yet the thought process can sometimes be that I am somehow ‘loosing’ the game… O well to that…

Here’s to old employers, and here’s to new ones as well. Never make the mistake of not moving forward, even if it is scary. Heck, even if the wrong decision is being made, you are better for trying, than not at all… Learn from your past, and gain upon your future.

I have come to the conclusion that  there is nobody on this planet that truly cares about the decisions you make for yourself with the capacity that you, yourself have the capability to. Your close family and friends may be interested in your life – but they don’t have to walk in your shoes…. you do! Make the best of the life that you have – and press on.

How do you make the best of your life?  Well, some would believe that there are a whole world of different ways… But I’m not so sure about that.  Caring for others, being kind, are great things; but do they lead to success?  Well, I would say, somewhat yes, and somewhat no.  What are your motivations for doing such things?  It really comes back to your own self worth.

What do you base your self worth upon? Things that are here today, gone tomorrow, or things that will impact the rest of your life – the big things.  You search – and tell me you can find anything of true forever and ever value in this world – and when you have completed your search – you will see – it was the things that were always in your heart in the first place.

My final question  – who put them in your heart?  You?  I dare say not.  Then who?  I would say God.  But at this point – you may be thinking – ” Oh no, one of those crazy religious types”   And I would say, quite frankly, I don’t care what you think.  You’ve read to this point already.  Something must be intriguing you….  Think for yourself – and tell me I’m wrong- I would love to here your comments; truly, I would.