The Ultimate Water Balloon

This looked really cool, from http://digg.com/general_sciences/Laser_pops_balloon_within_balloon

My friend and I invented the ultimate water balloon. Composed of three separate, concentric balloons its firepower is unmatched and its enemies are either dead or soaked.
The outermost balloon is filled with water in normal fashion, so that when heaved the target is subjected to a thorough dousing. With the outer balloon popped and thus finding the second balloon still in tact, your naive enemy will rejoice at his luck and inevitably return fire. Little does he know that the second balloon (which needs to be dark) is filled with naught but air! After his attempted retaliation does little but dry you off, you may end his pathetic existence using the last and central balloon which is filled either water (for those worthy of only your pity) or a strong acid (for true, respected foes). Not only will your opponent have lost the battle of balloons, but he will also have ceded the war of wits.