What to think about the new IT manager?

I was anticipating the ‘worst day’ in 10 years with the new IT manager at my company today. But what I realize is something quite simple… They just want someone that takes the BS and knows what how to handle it in an efficient manner.

The new guy is no different from myself – other than the enterprise experience… Bell Labs… closer than it seems I suppose…

He sure looks a little overconfident. His knowledge is impressive; but as Randy said, he is not being hired for his technical ability; but for his management experience.

My question is simple: how hard is it to manage a staff of 2? John and myself only had to manage a staff of 1 (2 if we were including ourselves) Also, both John and I dealt with not having anyone around for a period of time – working solo can drive you crazy in an environment such as this one.

It takes time – and let’s see how it goes in the coming weeks – I’ve heard too many ‘ouches’ in an environment of which things are far from perfect – but they run – day in, day out. I have yet to see a day of AR not being able to do anything just because a machine went down.

We will see, we will see.