Disable Windows ScreenSaver Lock No access to change it? Try This: Fake / Faking Keyboard Activity

Update Dec 2018: 

A colleague has pointed out a much more modern application called “Caffeine”, which sends a keypress every 59 seconds to ensure your machine does not go to sleep.   Worth a look:

Older post:

This is a great tool to make sure your laptop doesn’t automagically lock the screen (if you can’t make changes in the display settings (ie corporate laptop), making you have to authenticate 20 gazillion times a day…. however… also think of security when using it.. Make sure you lock your machine when you walk away from it!

Update: The link to the original content is dead now, but here is the historical info from the page, thanks to the web archive

I have posted the .exe below for historical purposes.  I know, a .exe is scary – but I will post what the code is doing in the .exe – which is basically submitting a keypress on your keyboard.

Below is the file link – and here is the code (in python) :

Here’s a tiny python script that will fake keyboard activity every five minutes in order to prevent a screen saver from activating.

“””Fake keyboard activity to prevent screen saver from activating.”””
import win32api
import win32con
import time
while True:
print “Faking keyboard activity at”, time.asctime()
win32api.keybd_event(win32con.VK_SHIFT, 0, 0, 0)
win32api.keybd_event(win32con.VK_SHIFT, 0, win32con.KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0)
time.sleep(60 * 5)

Download disable-screensaver.exe

or, for those blocked from downloading executables – a zip: